Code Brand Width (mm) Capacity (ton) Thickness (mm) Features Place
A11 Mecasteel capacity 1,5 ton motorized with manual ouverture Torino
F1 Elmea 500 Turin
F2 Elmea 400 Turin
I1053 Universal Turin
I600 Muller Turin
I930 Muller Alessandria
L39 Asservimenti presse 250 2 5 minimum thickness 0.7 and maximum thickness 5 decoiler capacity 2 tons motorized with hydraulic expansion Milan
M1002 Ims Turin
M1582 Manzoni Milan
M1880 Danly budapest
M200 Agostino Colombo Turin
M201 Muffato front passage of columns 294 lateral passage of columns 294 Turin
M700 Benelli Poland
M920 Muffato Milan
M923 Balconi Milan
M931 Krupp lateral moving bloster hydraulic overload Holland
MC2 Sigma control selca 4045 21-piece tool magazine Turin
MC5 TW control fanuc seies oj m 15 000 revolutions per minute internal coolant Turin
MF60 Rambaudi iso 40 rapid advances (x / y / z): 2000 m / min 40-3000 revolutions per minute Turin
MT10 Omg distance between centers 2000 mm center height 300 mm passage of bars 80 mm Turin